Epic Walking FAIL

Jan. 31 12:01 pm - Post by Brendan Magee

Thank you, dearest internet, for once again providing us with a video of a hapless individual making a total fool of herself in public. This time, our subject is an absent-minded woman texting while strolling through a shopping mall in Pennsylvania—in and of itself, rather unremarkable. The hilarity ensues when she fails to take her eyes off the screen and stumbles directly into a fountain, probably landing face down on some pennies last touched by the unwashed fingers of a screaming toddler (“Make a wish, Junior!”). Despite the fall, her life was never in peril; mall security officers stood at the ready, providing derisive commentary from the video surveillance booth.

If this lady had read my earlier post about the dangers of walking while using a mobile device (shameless self-promotion!), this accident—and the concomitant embarrassment—could have been avoided. It would also have benefitted this poor woman to know that Samsung developers foresaw just such an accident as befell her. They created an Android application—Road SMS—that allows you to see exactly what’s in front of you, even as you type away on your phone (behind the translucent QWERTY keypad is a live image generated by the smartphone’s camera). Not to be outdone, Apple has released a similar app called “Type n Walk,” the purpose of which I’m sure you can figure out.

It’s good to know that smartphone app developers are doing their best to keep the public safe, at least until the government gets a chance to pass some anti-texting-while-moving legislation. Just as speed cameras are now ubiquitous in many metropolitan areas, soon there will be smartphone violation sensors on every street corner. Obviously, this will afford the government manifold new opportunities for revenue gather—ahem, I mean “promoting public safety.”

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